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here ill post these together!! luv this water brush

Because this didn’t come in my SAI and I bet it didn’t with other people’s, here’s a pack of more textures (including the lava one!!!). Go to your SAI folder and just dump the ones you’d like in the brushtex folder (or w/e you have it called)



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Beijing Rules Out Open Elections in Hong Kong

I understand this is not a piece of news of people in war, showing images of the injured bleeding or dying, and Hong Kong is probably a place too small to hold your attention, but please hear me out.

There are more than 7 million people living in this city and their rights and freedom are being eroded so quickly that they may lose their basic human rights very soon.  

I’m NOT exaggerating.  In the past year ALONE, the Chinese government has become so irritated with the former British colony’s cry for freedom and basic human rights (which they have enjoyed for decades under the British rule) that:

  • they allegedly stabbed a veteran Hong Kong journalist for his criticism against the central Chinese government [x]
  • there has been a sharp increase in censorship in media and press [x][x]
  • in June, they completely re-interpreted the promise of 「one country, two systems」 to Hong Kong, reminding HK of China’s full control [x]
  • more than 500,000 protesters took over the streets on July 1 in HK, asking for a real universal suffrage [x], but China completely ignored the voice of the people and had the pro-China police counted the number as 98,000 instead [x].  And they arrested the organizers [x]
  • the police arrested hundreds of students after the July 1 protest, who were only there for a peaceful sit-in in the middle of the night and they promised to leave in the morning.  But the police arrested all of them, with unnecessary force and violence.  [x]
  • TODAY, the Chinese government completely ruled out the discussed universal suffrage in Hong Kong [x], warning foreign countries not to meddle with her affairs [x], and even sent in their military into Hong Kong a couple of days ago. [x]

The Hong Kong people need help from outside of China, because:

  • Hong Kong does not have its own army.
  • Its government has no real power and anyway, the government officials are all puppets of the Chinese government.
  • Britain is in a special position since she cosigned the Joint Declaration with China and theoretically she should help [x] but Cameron actually refused to speak with the Hong Kong’s representatives when they flew to London in July [x], wanting to keep a good business relationship with Beijing instead.

China has lied to Hong Kong over and over again, and they’re trying to do what they’ve done to Tibet.  Every day, there are 150 immigrants from China to Hong Kong, but Hong Kong does not have a say on who can move in.  China is trying to 「dilute」 the population in Hong Kong, eventually turning it into its puppet when there are more immigrants from the mainland China than the 「old Hong Kongers」.  It has already caused a lot of problems including the smugglers between the borders have increased 7 fold in just 4 years, a lot of new immigrants are here just to get the welfare but never work, a lot of local businesses have closed down to accommodate the needs of the mainland Chinese 「tourists」 (smugglers), with shops’ rents going up 10 times in one year just to force the local businesses to go away.  There are lots and lots of other problems in Hong Kong that are caused by the Chinese government and the influx of the mainlanders (Chinese from mainland China) but if the problem can be solved on the political level, the social issues can be worked on.

The people in Hong Kong needs your help.  The Hong Kong government does not help its own people because it’s too busy licking the boots of China.  Hong Kong can only be saved by the international pressure and awareness, so that the Chinese government cannot feel like they can do whatever they want, including taking away HKers’ basic human rights.

Please reblog and let everybody know about the situation in Hong Kong.

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a novel about a girl in high school who’s popular, likable and fashionably inclined with a fair amount of consensual sexual partners who is bullied by the quirky new girl who thinks she’s so much more special because she doesn’t wear makeup and isn’t “slutty” and every girl is a carbon copy except for her


hatching pokemon like


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Because Iwa-chan is cool as heck x)

IwaOi week, day 1: Childhood

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All I have…are bishoujo figurines!


Spent the evening designing this for a bit of fun based roughly on another design I saw once. The Able Sisters from Animal Crossing, spot the floating present!

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